A few mistakes can cost you lost time, staff morale, your reputation, or even close your restaurant.

Health Inspector

“Will your restaurant pass the next Health Inspection?”

Local Health Departments and the FDA are getting tougher when it comes to health inspections. We improve scores! “When it comes to food safety you can’t be Reactive you must be Proactive!”

You can be written up, fined or closed down even if it only, appears you have a procedure that may lead to a problem. Food codes and rules are changing more frequently and you must be in compliance.

You can be ready!

“Our private audits and third party inspections are more thorough, more objective, and come with solutions!”

We correct issues with written reports, explanations, and show you how to be in control of compliance, prevention, systems, staff awareness, and staff training. Customers care about Health Inspections too. But we shouldn’t be score driven on our health inspections. We need to do the right things, consistently, and correctly. Good practices also save on food costs, employee retention, lowering risk, increased morale, and greater customer satisfaction.

We dig deep and inspect from the parking lot to the pantry. With our Comprehensive analysis and give you a plan of action.

Take Control Now

Price Hospitality Group Provides

  • ServeSafe Training and Alcohol Training
  • HACCP plans, Training, Implementation, and Verification
  • Systems, Controls, and Procedure Review and Design
  • Nutritional and Menu Labeling
  • Objective Thorough Inspections and Solutions

ServeSafe, HACCP, WARFA, National Restaurant Assoc., PBCA