Like many others, sometimes your mission or vision has lost the clarity it once had or sometimes the excitement and energy has just run out because you took on some of the many “jobs” in the operation. Break the cycle of working in your business and start working on your business, that 10.00 per hour position you are filling is costing you a fortune!

We Can Help!


 What We Do

Price Hospitality Group will help you evaluate your current position and together  we assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and talents.  We then work with operators and their staff on designing goals and strategies, and the implementation of a measurable plan to take control and get excited again.  Whether it’s a turnaround, a tune-up, or a totally new direction let us help you be more profitable, have more free time in your life, and less stress.  Through training, systems, marketing, and compliance lets get everyone on board to increase consistency, profitability, productivity  and value while decreasing turnover, complaints, and lost opportunity.

Price Hospitality Group has been consulting and training foodservice operators and staff since 2006.  From independent operators, food trucks and caterers, to multi-unit franchises, stadiums, amphitheaters, and convention centers we have a well rounded depth of experience and expertise with services that will help you.  From front of the house, back of the house or getting customers in the house are uniquely qualified to serve your needs.  Our President Mark Price has owned, managed, and operated successful foodservice operations since 1975.  From small independent restaurant/catering operations to some of the largest stadiums and convention centers around the country he has been in the trenches producing great food and developing great teams.  As a chef, a manager, and corporate president Mr. Price has also consulted with large International event producers through North America helping to execute hundreds of concert tours, sporting events, shows, and faith based events some serving over 100,000 meals and customers in a single event day.  His catering expertise  has provided complete event services for the American League playoffs, World Series, Superbowl, NCAA Basketball playoffs, NCAA and NAIA Hockey playoffs all in a single year.  Backed up by providing catered meals for Promise Keepers, Women of Faith, Billy Graham Outreach, and others for tens of thousands of meals throughout the country every weekend for 36 consecutive weeks.



Mark has  a B.S. degree in Hospitality Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, with M.A. training in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota. Mark also is a ServSafe Instructor and Proctor, a HACCP instructor, plan implementer and third party verifier through WARFA – Wholesale and Retail Food Alliance, since 1984. He has training and credentials as a certified business coach from the PBCA -Professional Business Coaches Alliance, member of the Society of International Event Planners, National Restaurant Association, Missouri Restaurant Association, and education boardmember and chair of the Missouri Restaurant Association Springfield/Branson chapter from 2019-2023. Giving frequent seminars and talks to students and operators Mark also has written some industry blogs and whitepapers.

Mark doesn’t do this alone he has a team of trainers, certified instructors, and industry experts each with an average of over 25 years in the hospitality Industry. With this type of depth let our team go to work for you.

ServeSafe, HACCP, WARFA, National Restaurant Assoc., PBCA