The ServSafe® Food Safety Advantage

“It’s not a course on micro-biology with a whole bunch of complex information, for the most part it’s common sense, once you understand the fundamentals it’s easy!”
The ServSafe® program is developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of foodservice industry experts who face the same risks you do every day. Your concerns are our concerns.
Our years of experience and inside knowledge of the foodservice industry are at the core of our courses, exams and materials. We can prepare you to handle food sanitation risks because we have direct experience with it. We also have reliable materials, flexible options, and expert food safety educators. As your local Instructor and contact I will help you understand and implement the information for your operation and co-workers.

After All It’s NOT Just About Passing the Test

The reason we have ServSafe and why thousands of businesses across the country are training their people to use the principals, to ensure proper food safety for all of their guests-all of the time. But it also protects the business’s reputation, the jobs of its staff, and the community at large. And it’s required, in most areas, that at least one person be certified and at the operation any time food is being handled in any fashion or you can be closed immediately.
We don’t teach to the test! We teach for general knowledge of the subject matter and why it’s important to know and use the information, and how every department within your organization can use it at work and home. It’s not a course on micro-biology with a whole bunch of complex information, for the most part it’s common sense, once you understand the fundamentals it’s easy. You will be able to bring this new awareness back to the workplace and start to use the information immediately.
Training and exams are all done in one sitting which will take about 8 hours including breaks and lunch. Everything you need for the course will be provided for you and you will get the results of your exam in about a week or less.
With over 50 years as a successful food service professional I know the business and want to help you and our industry continue to grow. Give me a call to schedule a class or join a class near you.

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ServSafe® Food Safety Classes

ServSafe Classes are the most highly recognizable national food safety courses available. ServSafe is accepted by every state, and meets standards and accreditation as required. A few states have additional requirements which are included as needed.
Every establishment that serves food MUST have one certified staff member on premise whenever any activity involving food is being conducted, this person shall be responsible to know the standards for food safety and be able to answer an inspectors questions and have a valid certificate by a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM. If no such person is available, the facility can be shut down immediately.
WHY do you need to certify your staff members? It’s a requirement, but it also results in more safety for your guests, better quality experience for the guests, reduces labor turnover, reduces food cost due to reduced waste, results in better reviews and inspections, and keeps you in compliance. NEED MORE REASONS? How about protecting your assets and investment from loss due to a shut down because of a foodborne outbreak!
ServSafe® Manager Certification with Test: (English & Spanish- taught in English but Spanish books and tests are available by request with a two week advance notice).
You will receive an Instructor taught class (of about 8 hours including breaks and Lunch break) ServSafe course and will receive a ServSafe Certificate after successfully completing your Food Protection Manager Certification exam. This certificate is awarded by National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC, which is valid for five (5) years. Participant will need to score 75% or higher to get certificate.
What Does the Class Cover?


• Providing Safe Food
• Time and Temperature
• Forms of Contamination
• The Safe Food Handler
• The Flow of Food: An Introduction
• The Flow of Food: Purchasing, Receiving & Storage
• The Flow of Food: Preparation
• The Flow of Food: Service
• Food Safety Management Systems – HCCP
• Safe Facilities & Pest Management
• Cleaning & Sanitizing
• Review of best practices and Q&A period
On-Site Corporate 8-Hour Certification Manager with Test Classes:


$100 per person for Certification class with use of required book including necessary Answer Sheet to take test. S&H included.
$80 per person for training only, no test
Private company classes available with minimum class sizes (contact Mark Price or Tom McCord)
• In some cases we will provide the facility
• Call us at 888-888-6705 for options for a large group class and evening classes
• For more information, please contact:  Mark Price 888-888-6705 or pricehospitality@gmail.com

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The USDA and FDA have switched their mindset from inspection to enforcement, let’s talk about that.
Local Health Departments and the FDA are getting tougher when it comes to health inspections. Not because they’re the bad guys, they want to help prevent an issue that could be a potential problem. Most violations are due to a lack of knowledge and training as well as consistent practices and policies. Violations and points off your “score” are far better than having a problem that causes a food-borne illness. As operators we shouldn’t be score driven on our inspections. We need to do the right things, consistently and correctly. Good practices also save on food costs, employee retention, lowered risk, increased morale, and greater customer satisfaction.

Prevent Food-Borne Illness and Outbreaks


A few mistakes can cost you lost time, customers, staff morale, your reputation, or even close your facility!
It’s the operator’s responsibility to actively control the risk factors for foodborne illness. This is called active managerial control. It’s achieved through specific procedures, training, and taking action to produce the best and safest experience for your guests and staff. You have a responsibility to control common risk factors for prevention of foodborne illnesses. You can be held criminally liable for failure to do so, and besides it being the right thing to do. A foodborne illness not only affects those that get sick, it can affect the business and reputation of your entire community. It will affect your sales, the attitude and morale of your staff, your sales will be affected, your bottom line will be affected, and you could even lose the business. So why not be proactive spend a little time and money to be in compliance and end up saving a lot of time and money. Why not get your whole team in a class soon?

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